About Harold Sanditen

I was born and raised in Oklahoma – you know, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain, Oklahoma – and have lived in London since 1987. 

In 2007, after 20 years as a UK based theatre producer, I decided to move on from producing and do something I’d always wanted to do – give singing/cabaret performance a try and see if I was any good at it!  

In September 2008 I performed my first solo cabaret show, The Secret of Life, at The Duplex in New York.   I figured if I was going to fail, it shouldn’t be on my home turf.  Thankfully the show was successful enough to bring home to London!

Since then I’ve devised and performed five more solo cabaret shows in as many years, performing not only in London, but across the US and Canada.  Each one allowed me to explore a side of my personality and to discover who I am musically.

Love Exposed (2009) is what I call my look at the edgier sides of love and romance, using songs primarily from musical theatre.

Thoughts ‘Round Midnight (2010) is a comic look at the late night thoughts that can keep any of us awake.  I’ve always done my shows with just piano and bass, but in this show, I decided to add woodwinds, to add some colour, and boy am I glad I did.  It opened the floodgates to my next show.

Shades of Blue (2012) allowed me to explore the jazz side of myself, as well as my fascination with the word blue – the colour, the style, song titles – all things, from naughty to nice – but no cheese!  This show incorporated woodwinds, violin, trumpet and drums.  It was recorded on a live CD – which you can even purchase on this website!

Full Circle (2013) took me back to my musical beginnings – the time when I began singing, but never pushed forward to do it professionally.  It’s all songs from the 1960s and 70s that were important to me in my adolescence and my musical development.  

Flyin’ High (2014) is a comic look at travel.  In addition to music, my other huge passion is travel.  I have wanderlust, you see, and have been lucky enough to travel to quite a few countries in my time – just about 1/3 of this planet, in fact!

I’ve released 3 CDs – Flyin’ High: Live at the Crazy Coqs (2016) Shades of Blue – live at The Pheseantry (2013), and Taking Flight (2010).

I made my Ronnie Scott’s debut in 2014 in the Upstairs bar – doing a set with the Renato D’Aiello quartet who’s been organising the event for over two years.

I made my musical theatre debut in Café Society Swing in 2013 and it even transferred into the West End.  Not having trained as an actor – that surprised even me!

Every Thursday I host the hugely popular Open Mic Night at the Crazy Coqs in London, now in its third year.  The success of the Open Mic Night has led to three Open Mic Highlights, a showcase of 4 amazingly talented singers, out of a slew of hugely talented singers.

As a theatre producer (1987 – 2007), my productions spanned the smallest scale off-off productions to large scale commercial ones.  I worked with a wide variety of performers, ranging from Oscar and BAFTA winners to complete unknowns, and was responsible for the UK debut of many North American performers and writers.  Just to drop a few names…..I produced plays with Clive Owen, Jessica Lange, Paul Rudd, Paul Nichols, Charles Dance, Olivia Colman, Brendan Fraser, Frances O’Connor, Ned Beatty, Gemma Jones, Celia Imrie, Steve Guttenberg, Kathy Bates, Kim Criswell, Lesley Joseph, David Drake, Lypsinka, Felicity Kendal and Frances de la Tour. 

I’ve done some other things in my life as well.  I worked in manufacturing in San Diego, was an investment banker in New York for a short stint, and have reviewed for Cabaret Scenes magazine, covering performances in London, New York and Paris, as well as CDs.  I’m still a contributing writer for the magazine.